Friday, May 1, 2015

Breaking Twitter Rules!

These are some twitter habits of mine which have supercharged my twitter experience & subsequent offline experiences to date.


Hashtags are great for increasing your presence in multiple twitter feeds but there is a downside to using too many! 

I once received 30k impressions for a tweet that included 2 hash tags. When I analysed the tweet I found that more people clicked on the hash tags, instead of the links. If you give the reader more clickable options you’re p*ssing on your own ‘Call To Action’ parade. DON’T encourage distraction! 


Nothing wrong with this, we all do it! When we get a RT we begin to crave for more. Some suggest that asking for a RT can work, but I don’t agree. There are other ways.

I’m not driven by targeting similar profiles, as suggested by Twitter. I think it’s important not to replicate our real life social circles on social media. Why restrict yourself from a diverse global community, if you have the opportunity to reach strangers at the click of a tweet. Without boring you, here’s a simple equation for increasing your RT rates

Diverse business/social context + target with context + personality + timing  = More RTs

Remember, building your SM Brand takes time so don’t be a copy and paste slave when tweeting content. It’s always good to post stuff that you have some affinity with or understanding of, which allows you to engage with ease if someone replies to you.
Content Marketing is more for businesses, NOT digital socialites. Tweeting in this manner is common amongst brands that lack any relationship with social media regulars.


I decided to experiment with some of my fav big brands in an attempt to get some RTs. I tweeted a compliment about a supermarket product, which was subsequently Fav’d. I then looked at the brands timeline which showed they had retweeted similar comments but for different products. I was surprised that they failed to RT my positive feedback, knowing it can only enhance the brand's reputation. This failure of consistency is common amongst big brands and is a social media fail, as Retweets don’t cost anything. 

Reading twitter feeds of some big brands, you’ll find some barely RT which suggests they either use scheduled tweets or just focus on promoting their business with zero interaction. This is a HUGE fail as they should know that everyone looks for retweets. #NotSoSocialMedia


To get the most out of my twitter feed, I try to avoid following lots of people. This allows for a stream of concentrated info and saves me time from scrolling for ages. I know it’s not very social but for many small businesses, finding time for social media can be difficult. To avoid missing out on twitter, time management is key. I try not to miss out on other users, and usually checking what your followers are saying can make up for not following back. Promoting followers with an #FF or retweet can be a good way to acknowledge them too!


I’ve read how some people think that typing ‘Hey’ or other words before the recipients handle when replying is annoying and clogs up streams with small talk. It can also make your main tweet stream look mundane. I agree, BUT if your reply includes a fact, great content, context or opinion, then do it!


OMG......celebs on twitter is like the feeling we all had after seeing the Hobbit, and thought....really, is this it? 
Tweeting beach photos, commercial freebies, grand dining, expensive purchases etc can make celebs seem distant from their followers and in need of a reality check. Many ignore the ‘Be yourself’ style when using social media. We want to see real human social interaction, NOT the results of their success.  

For further reading, here’s two brilliant blogs which will give you a nice refresher or any newbies a gentle nudge to get more active on twitter. 

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