Friday, May 1, 2015

Breaking Twitter Rules!

These are some twitter habits of mine which have supercharged my twitter experience & subsequent offline experiences to date.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Treat your last Tweet like a Landing Page

We all do it, we skim through twitter feeds for stand out content or comments. Some of us check the tweet frequency & replication rates whilst others look for specific content they can relate to during a following spree. 

If you’re a keen networker, business socialite or have a growing business you’re probably used to checking twitter profiles during or immediately after an event. With this in mind, do you think we should be tailoring our tweets in line with our offline activities?
I think so!

Friday, April 17, 2015


What’s NEXT...sandwich eating experts!? Listening to some folk bang on about how they are twitter experts is really annoying. Being social online & having the ability to use a computer does not make you an expert.

The BBC recently spoke to James Rebanks, a British Shepherd Farmer who currently has 58.4K followers on Twitter, but does this make James a twitter expert? 

This is a great example of how social media connects people as his profile appeals to animal lovers, fellow farmers and country folk etc. If he wanted to grow his following he could just use some common twitter strategies.....NO need for expertise to do that!

Social Media (SM) Management Services
We’ve seen the growth & subsequent claims of these services that they’re experts at SM, but I don’t buy that! I understand the value of Content Marketing (CM) and it’s role for big brands to engage customers, but do we all have to rely on CM? James the farmer certainly doesn’t! (Traditional context for social media)

"I’d like to see more small businesses & start ups get stuck into their own SM campaigns"

Package Deals
I’ve seen social media management agencies charging £150 pm for 50 posts or interactions each month. What happens when those interactions lead to extended conversations? I think this sector is heading towards an ethos of mass production with replicated content used for multiple client profiles. Building your brand on SM takes time and with the short daily SM window for engagement, I can’t see how agencies can genuinely cater to numerous individual businesses. This ethos may be on Tweetdeck already, where I’ve seen identical tweets from different profiles. Not so social!

Social Media Assistance
This is another option to help grow your SM presence, and can be a great way to learn the ropes quickly to help ease you in. Just make sure in either case you ask your service provider if they meet or have the following criteria:

  • Experience of your industry or business.
  • Similar profile to your customers for additional contextual insight.
  • Been a previous customer - not always possible, but great for relating to followers.
  • A good personal social media profile - good indicator of their SM experience & style.

For my next blog, I’ll share some of my fav Twitter strategies (I’m NOT an expert!) so stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading folks!

Friday, April 3, 2015

How to AVOID Delhi belly on business trips to India

They have a mission to Mars, but they can’t seem to fix the risk of diarrhoea for tourists in India, despite the common precautions we all take and are accustomed to. 


Friday, March 20, 2015

The best daily transport in India for business tourists

Ok, you’re planning a trip to India with scouting or prospective business goals. Have you thought about how you’re gonna get from A to B on a daily basis?

The following is based on my personal preferences during past business trips to India. I’ve listed the pros & cons for two modes of transport which have served me well for trips to suppliers and manufacturers locally & across India. Considering the vast dynamics of daily life in India (Heat, Crime, Pollution, Communication, Over crowded transport, Dense population etc), I’d recommend the following to anyone based on their simple & sufficient nature.

Auto Rickshaw aka 3 Wheelers

Quick guide to 3 wheelers